Affichage des articles du janvier 24, 2009


A ngels that nobody can see, Behind heaven a heavenly stars Beauty, grace, with kindness & sweet,  With very graceful wings, they can offer Happiness and joy through some nothings. Their hearts and minds are inside the human lives And they exist soft as the white clouds. They are you what deserve.  All dreams in your eyes go shine bright When everything is dark, they give light. A reason to let them live.  Let them give everything... And even things to say. When people enter into your lives They think of you and let you alive, If they only could think about their actions, The moment they give ; just a passion : Their reality escape them and disappears They hide and remain silent without knowing. Only Angels know "One day someone says me I am not like the others" Difference between words and reality : Words are thoughts, the reality is in acts. NANCK