Affichage des articles du juin 13, 2020


THE DAY AFTER COVID PERIOD Anger is so ungly in a world where dreams do not exist. Dreamers, where are you? It is never too long to see you again, my heart live deep of hell when I think I never see you again.  My words fly as far as I can yell. So long, so far I fade, my soul desepear in seeds of time. How are you now, how feel you, in this sad and hope world? How could you die in dreams I feal. I will fine, hope so. I will do anything for going better cause the only thing we can do the best  is to go better. Find the dream is you can, and if not, create one. It is the best ally for love our life. A long time ago I decided not to travel far from France only in Europe. Even if I often went in Italy, I never visited Genova. I thought it was to touristic. I was wrong. It all depends on how you travel. I choose to stay with townsfolk. What a great experience. I discovered family soul in friendships, the historic part in genova, traditional food and simplicity in each I met. I was welc