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“The whole word is a stage and men and women are mere players”  Shakespeare PERSONNES SÉRIEUSES ET ÉTROITES D'ESPRIT…PASSEZ VOTRE CHEMIN HUMOUR : Forme d'esprit qui s'attache à souligner le caractère comique, ridicule, absurde ou insolite de certains aspects de la réalité ; marque de cet esprit dans un discours, un texte, un dessin, etc. : Raconter ses propres mésaventures avec humour. Cher(e)s tous/toutes, AVANT COVID  Au temps des humanistes, il était courant d'avoir plusieurs cordes à son arc. Désormais dans notre modernité, il est préférable d'être expert -Manhattan, Miami, Las Vegas, qu'un touche à tout. Heureusement dans ce monde, la liberté de pouvoir dire des conneries est permise -actualité politique, réseaux sociaux, télévision, etc. -je suis sûre que vous avez l’œil pour débusquer tout cela. C'est donc modestement que je tâche de devenir experte à ma façon. Sur ce blog "GRATUIT", vous trouverez écrits, dessins, musiques, phot


THE DAY AFTER COVID PERIOD Anger is so ungly in a world where dreams do not exist. Dreamers, where are you? It is never too long to see you again, my heart live deep of hell when I think I never see you again.  My words fly as far as I can yell. So long, so far I fade, my soul desepear in seeds of time. How are you now, how feel you, in this sad and hope world? How could you die in dreams I feal. I will fine, hope so. I will do anything for going better cause the only thing we can do the best  is to go better. Find the dream is you can, and if not, create one. It is the best ally for love our life. A long time ago I decided not to travel far from France only in Europe. Even if I often went in Italy, I never visited Genova. I thought it was to touristic. I was wrong. It all depends on how you travel. I choose to stay with townsfolk. What a great experience. I discovered family soul in friendships, the historic part in genova, traditional food and simplicity in each I met. I was welc


            ( @   @ )                                                 O                                    .o 00 o_ ___o 00 o.        NOUVELLES ,  POESIES / POEMES Ballades Côté cuisine                                        Fessenfer ,  Avec un nom à coucher dehors, ça aurait pu...  Mais non ce n'est pas le mien...                          « La libre communication des pensées et des opinions est un des droits le plus précieux de l'Homme.»


I was really surprised when I discovered that some of you are following me. For all who are speaking english I would like to write little story of an alien in english. But it's a little hard to write all in english, -my mistakes probably will kill you : "Once upon a time an alien coming from far transplanted in a human body. Did you ever seen on screen all aliens’ movies: E.T, Mulder and Scully, men in Black, Paul, Extant, so on. How could they exist in our imagination if they don't coming from a reality? As alien, I have been charged to report how humans live in this world: a boring and long mission. This could have been hided if one day I had not decided to write it. My problem I was condemned to live like human. One day perhaps humans will understand that all this is related on their own stories, after all we are all strangers. You're one of them, don't you? The reality now is published life on web, with scandals, and better with political subjects. Most of them